Raw Series: Term 3

Raw Series: Term 3

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We go through life wearing different hats and performing many different roles: Professional, parent, student. Yet, do these titles really define who you are? No. There is more depth to you than you can even imagine. And this 4 workshop event series will dig deep to mine for the gold that lies within you.

Over four consecutive weeks Raw peels back the layers and takes you to the core of who you are - the raw parts of you that hold treasure you have been looking for.

To become better at anything you must continue to put yourself in the arena. Boxers train. Bands practice over and over. That’s why we offer Raw as a series, enabling you to discover yourself to greater depths each time.

Raw will:

  • Leave you connected and on purpose in life
  • Develop your self awareness
  • Develop your confidence
  • Develop your ability to be authentic
  • Introduce you to a community of good people
  • Support you to take action

Each three hour event builds on the last allowing you to gain momentum, each with a different theme - Purpose, Authenticity, Connection & Creativity - so you can explore and learn about yourself through diverse topics of honest conversation and activities to get you pushing yourself in a safe and supportive environment. This is intoxicatingly exciting, boundary pushing stuff and for no extra charge we promise plenty of belly laughter.

Raw is facilitated by Emeli Paulo, co-founder of Collective Potential.

This package includes all 4 consecutive events in the series for Term 3:

  • Week 1 Purpose - Tues 10 Oct 7-10PM
  • Week 2 Authenticity - Tues 17 Oct 7-10PM
  • Week 3 Connection - Tues 24 Oct 7-10PM
  • Week 4 Creativity - Tues 31 Oct 7-10PM