Raw: Purpose - Tues 10 Oct 7PM

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Raw is a four week series of live events where you can develop the self awareness, confidence and authenticity to transform your life.

To become better at anything you must continue to put yourself in the arena. Boxers train. Bands practice over and over. That’s why we offer Raw as a four week series, enabling you to discover yourself to greater depths each time and to uncover the golden nuggets of wisdom hidden inside you (yes, they are in there).

Each three hour event builds on the last allowing you to gain momentum, each with a different theme - Purpose, Authenticity, Connection & Creativity - so you can explore and learn about yourself through diverse topics of honest conversation. This is intoxicatingly exciting, boundary pushing stuff and for no extra charge we promise plenty of belly laughter. 

Raw is facilitated by Emeli Paulo, co-founder of Collective Potential.


Sleep. Eat. Commute. Work. Facebook. Repeat. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a little more variety in there - the odd VIP event, a tinder date or an escape to the country for a weekend getaway. But for most of us, that’s pretty much it. Or is it?

We’ve all read those articles about the 23 year old who sold an app and is now a billionaire. We follow the Instagrams of the people that post pics without a hair out of place sipping goji berry smoothies post-yoga class. Hell you’ve probably even clicked that link to find out ‘how to get to a better you in 7 days’ right?

If you have ever wondered: ‘Why is everyone else so bloody happy?’ ‘How did that person get their shit together to end up there?’ or ‘How do I get my life to be that bloody awesome?’ then this workshop is for you.

Ever feel stressed out, bored, stuck, lost or that this might be all that there is for you?

This Raw session is about purpose and meaning. We're talking about the things that light you up, that drive you to success to just keep on going.

Purpose and meaning is the stuff that gets you out of bed in the morning, that your desires are made of, that holds you together even if everything else in life feels like its hitting the fan.

Over the course of three hours you’re going to rediscover the things you care about, meet a bunch of good people who give a shit, have a laugh and get a serious dose of inspiration.

“Perhaps your challenge isn't finding a better project or a better boss. Perhaps you need to get in touch with what it means to feel passionate. People with passion look for ways to make things happen.”  - SETH GODIN 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You keep getting stuck or lost on what to do next
  • You feel like your career isn’t heading where you want to go
  • You’d like to wake up in the morning and feel excited and energised about your life
  • You want a posse who ‘get’ you and want the same things - it's so much easier when you surround yourself with other people who are already making that change
  • You just need some inspiration

You’ll walk away:

  • With a simple purpose statement to keep you focused
  • Feeling normal after hearing people with similar experiences to you
  • Knowing how to tap back into your purpose anytime you need to
  • Inspired after a powerful out-of-the-ordinary experience

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Tuesday 10 October 7PM - Doors close 7.20PM, One Roof, 77 City Road Southbank, Contact: Bronte Cooper 0417 020 220