Raw: Connection - Tues 24 Oct 7PM

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Raw is a four week series of live events where you can develop the self awareness, confidence and authenticity to transform your life.

To become better at anything you must continue to put yourself in the arena. Boxers train. Bands practice over and over. That’s why we offer Raw as a four week series, enabling you to discover yourself to greater depths each time and to uncover the golden nuggets of wisdom hidden inside you (yes, they are in there).

Each three hour event builds on the last allowing you to gain momentum, each with a different theme - Purpose, Authenticity, Connection & Creativity - so you can explore and learn about yourself through diverse topics of honest conversation. This is intoxicatingly exciting, boundary pushing stuff and for no extra charge we promise plenty of belly laughter. 

Raw is facilitated by Emeli Paulo, co-founder of Collective Potential.


By 2020, anxiety and depression will be the biggest health issue humanity has ever seen. This is unacceptable to us at Collective Potential. Drug and alcohol issues, homelessness, eating disorders all of these so called issues are only a symptom of what is happening in society: we are disconnected.


To ourselves, our minds, our hearts, our spirit. This is the solution.

Join us for a night where we delve deep into what we love, what lights us up and makes us come alive. A night where you ‘do’ connection not just talk about it. Meet like minded individuals who will inspire you with their own stories of overcoming fears and what they are most proud of. This night will undoubtedly bring you connection to yourself through these stories. A time to reflect on who you and what your vision in life is.

This workshop is for you if:

  •      You want to step out of the fear that holds you back
  •      You’re sick of always wanting more
  •      You are ready for change internally not externally

What you’ll walk away with:

  •      A new perspective on connection and its value to your life
  •      Specific tools to help you define your strengths
  •      An action plan helping you focus on what you actually care about
  •      Option to take up a 1-on-1 session with Emeli


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Tuesday 24 October 7PM - Doors close 7.20PM, One Roof, 77 City Road Southbank, Contact: Bronte Cooper 0417 020 220