Pay It Forward

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Sometimes personal circumstances get in the way of people having experiences that would allow them to be their best: single parents, uni students, people who’ve had a bad run and need to catch a break.

By sponsoring a ticket to one of our events, you are directly supporting someone who wouldn’t be able to come due to financial reasons. Anything you can give, small or large, helps someone reach their potential.

We believe as a community we can make it possible for people to receive the tools and experiences they need for their personal growth and that when they do, everyone benefits from having more good people in this world.

Choose the non-tax deductible* amount you'd like to give and we'll give a ticket to someone who needs it. 

*Tax deductions available only for large donations. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: You will not receive a ticket when purchasing a Pay It Forward. We will give the ticket to a Pay It Forward applicant. Find out more at