Member Rewards

Collective Potential is a melting pot of
ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

We love to gather and connect. We are made up of people that think and live outside the box, chase authenticity and are on the search to be the best they can be. We are the people you are drawn to who give zero you know what's, who strongly, loudly, unashamedly speak our truth and are our true selves.

We are people who are more concerned with getting that project up or making that change in their life, than talking about it. We are rebels, sensitive souls, change makers, carers, creatives, thinkers and do-ers.

And we want you to be a part of it.


Why be a member?

To become the best you can be, you need a community of inspired people to motivate you; resources and events to help you grow, experts and coaches to learn from; and the self belief and resilience to push yourself beyond your fears.

That’s why the Collective Potential membership program is focused on community events, action and growth.

Think TEDTalks meets Tony Robbins meets a platonic Tinder for good friends and you get an idea of what Collective Potential events are like.

There are three levels to membership and each have bigger and better rewards!

And because we can't wait to get 100 Clan members, for a limited time you get all of the above for our introductory offer of $100 for 12 months upgrade or $10 per month subscription.


It's not just about you.

Best of all, by working on yourself you’ll be helping others too.

Sometimes personal circumstances get in the way of people having experiences that would allow them to be their best. Think single parents, uni students, people who’ve had a bad run and need to catch a break.

Every dollar you spend with Collective Potential directly contributes to someone in our Pay It Forward program, making it possible for them to attend an event or workshop for their personal growth despite their financial difficulties.

More than a membership, this is your ticket to be part of a movement


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